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Historical Background reports of a battleon May 8 1161 in Bagnolo’s land between the Milanese consuls and the soldiers of Barbarossa.
The first real historical map existing dates back to 1722 and Bagnolo appears owned by the St. Augustine’s Nuns in PortaNuova.
In 1571, the old church of Bagnolo was rebuilt on the instructions of St. Carlo, which remained Parochial church until 1798, when his parish priest, Father Gatti, preferred to move the headquarters to Chiaravalle.
Despite this, the small church of Bagnolo functioned as long as Father Gattiremained alive, because he wanted the church still serve for worship. After his death in 1847 the church was neglected and abandoned, so much that a few years later in 1856, was finally deconsecrated.

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