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Very close to Milan, in an elegant and antique flavor, thanks to a renovation project of a village, was born on Restaurant Borgo Bagnolo.

A kitchen treated in detail, concerned about the quality of its raw materials, while respecting their seasonality.

Mediterranean flavors and fragrances, follow the tradition of Lombardy and Italian cuisine, are the essential components in the menu of the restaurant BorgoBagnolo.

Inside the menu, a modest option for lunch, with dishes that changes daily depending on what the market offers, and then the kids menu, big flavors for smaller mouths.

Another key component for a restaurant is the wine, to match every dish that the chef prepares. The BorgoBagnolo restaurant offers a good selection of Italian and sparkling wines, giving the opportunity for guests to drink well, but without exceeding the price.

Borgo Bagnolo Restaurant- Via Luigi Calabresi 42 (ex via Grandi)  San Donato Milanese (Mi)
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